Advanced Design 5 - Pencil

Draw on the lines as illustrated in the diagram with a pencil. Draw these lines very lightly, and they will not show up in the final design.

Front (1): Divide the egg into sixteenths. Front (2): Draw the diamond shape, as shown.

Front (3): Divide two of the diamonds into four separate diamonds.

Also, add the outline of the deer. I have oulined the steps for drawing the deer here.
Start with drawing the body - (1). Next, add a triangle for the neck - (2). Then, add another triangle for the head. Draw a dot for the eye - (3). Add some straight lines for the legs and tail - (4). Lastly, add some deer horns - (5). See, wasn't that easy?

Side (1) shows how to begin drawing the side design. Draw 3 parallel lines on each side of the main vertical dividing line.
Side (2): Draw the diamonds, as shown.

Remember to draw your lines on both sides of the egg. When you are satisfied with the appearance of your lines, move ahead to white.


Design copyright ©Ann Morash. All Rights Reserved.
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