Beginner Design 4 - Pencil

Draw on the lines as illustrated in the diagram with a pencil. Draw these lines very lightly, and they will not show up in the final design.

Pencil 1

Front (1) shows the egg divided into eighths. You start by drawing one long line around the longest part of the egg, until it meets up with itself. Next, draw a long line at a right angle to this one, until it meets up with itself. Lastly, draw one line around the middle of the egg. Now the egg is divided into 8 equal sized parts.
Pencil 2

Now draw two diagonal lines all around the egg, thus dividing it into 16ths.


Front (3). Draw a large diagonal cross on both sides of the egg, as shown.

Front (4). Draw the additional lines to make the cross a star, as shown.


Design copyright ©Ann Morash. All Rights Reserved.
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