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updated APR 14 2017


Ukrainian Merchandise

Many of the places that sell pysanka supplies also sell a variety of Ukrainian merchandise, so be sure to check out my Suppliers page for more listings!

All Things Ukrainian All Things Ukrainian. Email: sales@allthingsukrainian.com. "Unique Pysanky, Byzantine stained glass iconography and works of art imported straight from the Artisans of Ukraine." It is the owner's hope that his business will give the artists' work greater exposure, and allow these people to preserve these traditional art forms in Ukraine. He's doing what he can to help the people of Ukraine back on their feet economically.

Ann's Ukrainian Gifts. Support LearnPysanky.com by supporting the artist behind it! Lots of great gift ideas, from t-shirts to framed art tiles, featuring pysanky, traditional Ukrainian artwork, and novelty items! Includes the ever-popular "I love pysanky" line of merchandise. Secure online ordering and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Vyshyvanka, Inc. - a shop in Lviv that sells Ukrainian handmade gifts worldwide - embroidery, pipes, handcarved wood, and more!

BravoPysanka shop - sells lots of goods related to pysanky.

Soloveiko - Ukrainian Gift Shop ebay shop with a huge variety of Ukrainian merchandise, from jewelry to decor to embroidery and more.


Ukrainian/Eastern European-related sites

Wikipedia has a great section on pysanky, with info on symbols, legends, traditions and more!

The Ukrainian Language and Culture Home Page. A HUGE listing of links to information on just about everything to do with Ukraine (including culture, language, and travel).

InfoUkes Inc. - An extensive and varied Internet Information Resource about Ukraine and Ukrainians

The Carpathian Connection - An informative site for those researching ancestors from Eastern Europe, with a focus on the Carpathian Mountain regions.

Georgia Sawhook's blog. Discusses pysanky, food, and various other topics related to her life as a pastor's wife.

Ever wondered what the world's largest pysanka looks like? Wonder no more! It is located in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada.

A nice little site describing Lithuanian Easter eggs, mentions some Ukrainian history as well. Absolutely gorgeous photos showing samples. :)

The Ukrainian Information Project. Tons of detailed info on and photos of Ukraine, complete with its own search engine.



The Canadian Resource Page - This has TONS of info on Canada!!! From government services and info, news, facts & figures, and tourism to politics and history, you'll find this and more here!

Where is Nova Scotia? - A map of our region.

And what's the weather like? Here's the forecast, and here's what it is currently, country-wide. Don't forget, all temperatures are in °C! :)

We have a beautiful province here! If you think you might like to visit, check out Explore Nova Scotia for tourist information. For tourism info on our capital, Halifax, visit: Destination Halifax, or Where Halifax: Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, & more. It contains detailed guides to all things interesting in Halifax!

An American's Guide to Canada - "These pages, written by an American who has been living in Canada since 1992, are intended to give Americans a better idea just what goes on in the Great White North". Good reading!

Pier 21 was the gateway for over a million immigrants, wartime evacuees, refugees and more entering Canada from 1921 to 1971. A wonderful website dedicated to this important National Historic Site in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Halifax Explosion - a terrible disaster that struck the people of Halifax, Dartmouth, and surrounding areas on December 6, 1917. Learn more about the largest man-made explosion until Hiroshima.


arts & crafts sites

Aunt Annie's Craft Page. Craft fun for all ages with weekly updates. Join in the fun by sharing your favorite craft project in the Craft Exchange.

Allcrafts - Easter. Easter is a wonderful holiday for crafts! Try some fun free Easter Craft projects!

FreeKidsCrafts.com - Reprints of lots of great crafts for kids, free!

Papereggs.com is a "Fun, Safe, Family Friendly Paper Crafts Just for Kids!" There's lots of Easter egg-related paper crafts available!

ArtistsInCanada.com. Visit ArtistsInCanada.com, a national directory of Canadian artists and art resources.

Art Gallery Worldwide. Their mission is to provide the best place for global trading of all kind of artwork. Lots of interesting links to look at!

All Handmade Crafts and Decorated Eggs Art Gallery. MJ Crafts Design Studio features handmade crafts and jewelry, decorated eggs (Eggypiece Art Collection), and gifts. Funny and unique seasonal and theme-related crafts of mixed media.


miscellaneous sites

A Storybook Life - Don't just dream about it - live the life of your dreams! A website full of creative living ideas, to help you live the good life - on the income you already have!

Kemp's Koops - a great source of information on all kinds of poultry and poultry-related topics.

ipl2.org a merging of the collections of resources from the Internet Public Library (IPL) and the Librarians' Internet Index (LII) websites - "information you can trust". Sadly, no longer being updated after 20 years of service, but the website will remain.

Holiday Insights - Tradition, fun, facts and more on many different holidays celebrated around the world.

Learn Ukrainian with Claritaslux's innovative new language software. Sounds like a cool way to learn, check it out!

Want to translate some text, or a whole website, from one language to another? Go Google!

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