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This recipe is by Steffie Sawka, from "Hot off the Grill: Family Favourites", the Parish cookbook for 2003 from Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Sydney (where my family comes from).

10 medium sized beets
2 tbsp salt
1 cup brown sugar
      3 tbsp vinegar
1 cup grated horseradish

- Cook beets until soft. Peel off skin. Place hot beets in cold water to peel.
- Grate beets or process in food processor until fine.
- To beets add salt to taste, brown sugar, vinegar and horseradish. Mix together and let rest.
- Bottle and refrigerate.
- More horseradish or vinegar may be added as desired.

Ann's Note: This is a traditional dish for Ukrainian Easter--the red beets signify the blood of Christ, and the horseradish the bitterness of his suffering before his death and resurrection.