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updated MAR 3 2017

Welcome! Vitayemo!

Welcome to LearnPysanky.com, also known as How to Make Ukrainian Easter eggs! I've been providing free instructions in this beautiful Eastern European art form online since 1997.

Once only made at Easter, Ukrainian Easter Eggs, or pysanky, are now made year 'round by people of varying skill levels all over the world - and they all love it! It can be very addictive!

If you're new to pysanky, get started at my new? start here page, which will give you an overview of this ancient craft, and what you need to do to get started!

There's lots more to the site, have fun exploring! And have fun with your pysanka!

Featured Design

2016.02.14 - Workshop added in Holstein, Ontario.

2016.02.02 - I'm so very proud to announce that last year, I was chosen to design a coin for the Royal Canadian Mint celebrating the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada in 2016. And now we can all take a look at it! It was the first egg-shaped coin created by the Mint, so there were lots of technical challenges for them, and I think they did a fantastic job! The coin is extremely true to my original design, and I'm just tickled to see the finished product! It's been a tough secret to keep, let me tell you - I was just so proud to be asked to honour my heritage in this way. I created designs (of which this was chosen) that had symbols of love, growth, good fortune and hope all things that Canada represented to the Ukrainians who came here to settle, and what Canada represents to all Canadians today. I'm so proud for this opportunity, thank you to the Canadian Mint, and especially their Josh Bednar who got the ball rolling and whose consistent enthusiasm for this project made the whole thing a pleasure. And of course to Dave, my supporter on the home front who said I could do it you were right! It happened! Link: http://www.mint.ca/store/coins/coin-prod2610021?lang=en_CA&rcmeid=van_Pysanka#.VrDRXPkrKUn

2015.03.25 - Workshop updated in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

2015.03.18 - Workshop added in Slidell, Louisiana.

Pysanky Hint

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• W A R N I N G •
Keep kids under close supervision while creating pysanky - involves use of an open candle flame.
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