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updated NOV 24 2017

Pysanky Workshops & Classes - Canada

Do you teach a class or workshop on pysanky? Get it listed here!
I am not affiliated with these teachers; I merely list them for your convenience. If you have a problem or question concerning them, please contact them directly.

If you do not see your province, state, or city here, please check back occasionally, to see if someone has decided to teach in your area.


British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Northwest Territories

City: Calgary, Alberta
Location: undetermined
Name of Teacher: Dawn Anderson
Phone: (403) 293-2253
Email: hal@cadvision.com
Class Times: undetermined; however, start time: 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm, end time: 10:00 - 10:30 pm
Ages taught: 10-90
Price: $25.00
Info: Must call in the evening or leave a message with a telephone number so I can return the call.

City: Calgary, Alberta
Name of Teachers: Eugenia Richardson
Phone: (403) 212-7115
Email: aerichardson@shaw.ca
Class Times: year-round
Ages taught: schools, groups
Info: Please call or email for more information.

City: Calgary NW, Alberta
Name of Teachers: Donna Johnson
Phone: (587) 228-7525
Email: djohnson2@live.ca
Class Times: year-round
Ages taught: 12+
Info: Classes include all supplies and three hours of instruction. Classes are held at various locations (art studios and community centres) in Calgary based on demand. Classes run year around: classes less than six people are held at my studio. Traditional and non traditional designs are taught with the latest techniques and dyes. Credit card and cash are accepted forms of payment. Check out my website for more info! www.donnajohnson.ca

City: Burnaby, British Columbia
Location: My home
Name of Teacher: Darya
Phone: (604) 437-8411
Email: stachu@intergate.bc.ca
Price: $30.00
Info: I'm flexible with time and date. Contact Darya for more information.

City: Cranbrook, British Columbia
Name of Teacher: Janice
Phone: (250) 489-3783
Email: woloschuk@telus.net
Ages taught: Ten years old and up
Price: $30.00, includes your own starter kit to keep
Info: I have been creating Ukrainian Easter eggs for over 25 years. This beginner's class is three hours long and includes all materials.

City: Masset, British Columbia
Location: 2236 Dogwood Crescent
Name of Teacher: Harvey Smerychynski
Phone: (250) 626-3846
Email: trabbit@island.net
Class Times: Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Ages taught: Adult, but all welcome
Price: $10.00
Info: Bring six eggs in a paper carton, an old towel, and a medium hard (HB) pencil.

City: Richmond, British Columbia
Location: All workshops are held in the Baba's Beeswax Studio, 3591 Springfield Drive.
Name of Teacher: Joan Brander, of Baba's Beeswax
Phone: (604) 275-8169
Email: workshops@babasbeeswax.com
Class Times: Times vary throughout the year, check here for the latest info. Extra workshops are held in the weeks preceeding Easter each year.
Price: $25.00 per person (all materials provided)
Info: A variety of techniques and designs is explored every month. Beginners are welcome! Please call Joan to pre-register. There are more workshops available throughout the year, call Joan or check the website for details. Joan also has a specially designed workshop just for school children, with the ability to accommodate up to 30 students at once.

City: Minnedosa, Manitoba
Name of Teacher: Lynn Moffat
Phone: (204) 867-3191
Email: cmoffat@escape.ca
Ages taught: 8 to adult
Info: Localized Manitoba schools are a specialty. Will run classes according to demand. Call for further information.

City: Moncton, New Brunswick
Name of Teacher: Members of Ukrainian Club of Moncton
Email: monctonpysanky@gmail.com
Info: Please contact Andrew Drayson for more info, at the above email address. We also sell supplies year round, contact the above number or email for details.

City: St. John, New Brunswick
Name of Teacher: Jeanine Hartman
Phone: (506) 633-4936
Email: 12tulips@nb.sympatico.ca
Ages Taught: 8 years and up
Info: Jeanine will do workshops for individuals or groups of any age during the weekend or evenings. She is a qualified art educator with experience working with adults as well as children of all ages. Contact her for more details.

City: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Name of Teacher: Bianca de Rozari
Phone: (902) 443-5001
Email: derozari@eastlink.ca
Info: Beginner's class includes all materials. Contact Bianca for more information.

City: Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Location: South shore of Nova Scotia
Name of Teacher: Marg Millard
Phone: (902) 683-2393
Email: rgMillard@MargMillard.ca
Class Times: TBA throughout Lent
Ages taught: adults and mature teens
Price: $25.00 for introductory session
Info: Call or write Marg for more information on upcoming classes. Weather co-operating, she enjoys travelling to other locations to offer workshops.

City: Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Name of Teacher: Mary Ayer
Location: Adroit Color Artisan
Phone: (902) 875-2171
Email: ayerml@ns.sympatico.ca
Info: Workshops can be arranged for your group or organization, home studies also welcome. They also sell supplies.

City: Holstein, Ontario
Location: my Home or yours
Name of Teacher: Jasmine Jennings
Phone: (519) 330-7442
Email: jassie_jenn@hotmail.ca
Price: $35
Info:It has been a tradition in my Family for years .I have learned from my Grandfather who has been doing Pysanky for 40+ years. I began as a young girl and continue to grow in learning. I love doing and teaching others this tradition no matter what your heritage anyone can learn and enjoy. Call or email me for a class date beginning in February. Have a group wanting to do this call and set a date and time. I have everything you will need to create 1 egg.

City: Ottawa, Ontario
Location: various
Name of Teacher: Diana Brushey
Phone: (613) 748 8273
Email: ecoprograms@gmail.com
Ages taught: adult; children 8+ welcome if accompanied by registered adult.
Price: $35/child, $50/adult, including use of supplies. Group rates available
Info: I run workshops at churches, community centres, or at your home for a Pysanky party! Courses are usually 2+ hours in length. Most participants create 1 - 3 eggs to take home. Kits available to purchase after workshops. Check out the website for more info: www.canadianaunlimited.ca

City: St. Thomas, Ontario
Name of Teacher: Lauren Coughlin
Phone: (519) 633-1345
Email: lauren.c@sympatico.ca
Ages taught: any
Info: Teaches strictly beginner classes. Please call or write Lauren for more information.

City: Sarnia, Ontario
Location: home studio
Name of Teacher: Len Kozera
Phone: (519) 337-8184
Email: fcjenn5@hotmail.com
Class Times: When enough names have been collected I will run a class.
Ages taught: 8 years and up
Price: $20.00 + kit cost
Info: I am Ukrainian and have been doing eggs for 25 years. I also do demonstrations and talks to groups who are interested, for a small fee to cover expenses. I use a variety of eggs, such as chicken, goose, swan and ostrich eggs.

City: Trenton, Ontario
Location: Marmora, Ontario
Name of Teacher: Jane Pearson
Phone: (613) 394-4265 OR (613) 472-5297
Email: janepearson3@msn.com
Ages taught: 12 and up
Price: $29.00 (includes supplies)
Info: Maximum 8 per class. Classes run approx 3 hours in length. Call one of the above numbers to enrol.

City: Montreal, Québec
Name of Teacher: Natalie
Phone: (514) 276-6054
Email: guralnat@hotmail.com
Class Times: 2 1/2 - 3 hours
Language: English, French or bilingual
Price: see info below
Info: Private, group or nonprofit organizations (price to be negotiated); generally $30 per person. Exhibit/displays possible.

City: Saint Henri de Taillon, Québec
Location: bibliothèque municipale
Name of Teacher: Patricia Arrotin
Phone: (418) 347-5900
Email: patlabergere@hotmail.com
Class Times: each spring, 8h30 a.m. - 12h p.m.)
Ages Taught: adults
Price: 50 $
Info: sur demande, d'autres dates disponibles, sinon, une fois chaque printemps, s'informer région du Lac Saint Jean.
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