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updated APR 14 2017

Pysanky Workshops & Classes - USA

Do you teach a class or workshop on pysanky? Get it listed here!
I am not affiliated with these teachers; I merely list them for your convenience. If you have a problem or question concerning them, please contact them directly.

If you do not see your province, state, or city here, please check back occasionally, to see if someone has decided to teach in your area.

United States

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

City: Fairbanks, Alaska
Location: The Folk School
Name of Teacher: Lidiia Olszowy
Phone: (907) 479-0077
Email: Lidiiaro@gmail.com
Class Times: On demand
Ages taught: 10 years old with parent or guardian
Info: For many people it is an Easter egg decorated using a method similar to batik, but for Ukrainians it’s more than just a pretty egg. The Ukrainian pysanka (from the word pysaty (verb) /to write/) was believed to possess an enormous power not only in the egg itself, which harbored the beginning of life, but also in the symbolic designs and colors which were written upon the egg in a unique manner for centuries. The intricately colored eggs were used in every part of life – various social and religious occasions – and were considered to be a talisman and protector against evil, as well as harbingers of good, as well as a letter to someone.
This class is set up for people with different skills levels. From beginners who have little or no experience in writing pysanky to experienced artists who are interested in learning this unique language and technique.
It is much more than that! Ukrainians have been decorating eggs and creating these miniature jewels for countless generations. There is a ritualistic element involved, magical thinking and a calling out to the Universe or God – for health, fertility, love, protection, new beginnings, changes in your life and wealth.
Join us for this lesson to learn the history and meanings behind this ancient language of colors and symbols. All materials would be provided during the workshop part of this class.


  City: Orangevale, California
Name of Teacher: Teresa Mihalko Harbert
Phone: (916) 988-6159
q Email: teresa@eggsbyteresa.com
Info: Check "Upcoming classes" under the "Classes" tab at the top of my webpage www.eggsbyteresa.com or contact me to schedule a class.

City: San Diego, California
Location: House of Ukraine
Name of Teacher: House of Ukraine
Phone: (619) 742-2720
Email: houseofukraine@gmail.com
Class times: Several in the month preceding Easter.
Ages taught: Adults
Price: $25.00
Info: Please note that the class size will be limited to eight (8) students and filled on a first registered/first-paid basis. For more information, please see our website.

City: San Luis Obispo, California
Location: Your home, church or center
Name of Teacher: Shirley Hazlett
Phone: (517) 242-2950
Email: shirleyhazlett@gmail.com
Class times: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., January-April
Ages taught: Adults (teens under adult supervision)
Price: $35.00 each (min/6)
Info: Offering home parties arranged to fit your schedule; can also accomodate larger groups at your church, community center, etc. Experience: I am a certified Art teacher (retired) who has been making pysanky for 45 years and teaching it for 30. I can also offer demonstations for church or school groups, which include the history and cultural aspects of egg-making. Please email me with questions, or to customize your event. Thank you!

City: Tustin, California
Name of Teacher: Adriana Wrzesniewski
Phone: (714) 544-8665
Email: adriana@pysanka.com
Info: Individual, private and group lessons available through out Orange, Riverside and LA counties. Go to www.pysanka.com for details and upcoming workshops.
Current workshops include:
- The “Annual Pysanka Festival” on Sunday March 25th, 2018 at the Ukrainian Culture Center located at 4315 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA
- The Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the “Pysanka by Adriana” booth. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire runs weekends April 7 thru May 20, 2018 at the Santa Fe Dam and Recreation Park, Irwindale, CA. Workshop is $15.


  City: Newington, Connecticut
Location: will travel and in my home
Name of Teacher: Sharon Leonard
Phone: (860) 667-1705
Class times: all year 'round
Ages taught: 8 years and up
Price: depends on group and level
Info: I use a VCR film to help explain how the process works. Students are given free range on what they like to draw. Everone's egg comes out an original and bright in color. I have taught Girl Scouts, Seniors, at churchs and libraries. I ask the group be no larger than 20 people. Price is depending on group size and traveling. Home instruction starts at $25.00 and we agree on price accourding to how long and how detailed we get. Groups are Introduction and Advanced. This Folk art can be done for all holidays. Hallowe'en, Christmas, Valentine's Day just to name a few. This is a great activity during a party, birthdays or just friends. I enjoy doing this year 'round. Around town I have been called "the Egg Lady". I have eggs to sell and hope to hear from you soon. Call for more information!


  City: Washington, DC
Location: Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine - 4250 Harewood Road, NE
Contact: Jurij (202) 526-3737.
Class times: Annual Pysanka Workshop - the Sunday two weeks prior to Easter.
Price: $20.00, $12.00 for kids 12 & under
Ages taught: Children must be accompanied by adults
Info: Learn more about the shrine & its pysanky workshops at http://www.ucns-holyfamily.org.



City: Englewood, Florida
Name of Teacher: Ruth Ward
Phone: (224) 425-9367
Email: rward2121@aol.com
Ages taught: 14 and up
Price: cost of supplies
Info: I am Ukrainian and have been making pysanky for most of my life. I will share my knowledge - I don't have formal classes but will gladly arrange a time to meet with anyone interested in learning. Contact me for more info.


  City: Gainesville, Georgia
Name of Teacher: Ingrid Bolton
Email: iwbolton@gmail.com
Ages taught: all ages
Info: Having created countless Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) over several decades and taught many workshops I will teach small groups at my home in Gainesville, GA. Also, I will do demos for schools and organizations. Visit my website at www.ingridbolton.com.


  City: Indianapolis, Indiana
Name of Teacher: Catharine Green
Phone: (317) 536-9700
Email: cjgreen.geo@yahoo.com
Price: $10.00
Info: Individuals or groups up to 12, teens or adults. Decorate 1 or 2 eggs in class. Kits available at an extra charge for you to take home to create more beautiful eggs.   City: Woodsboro, Maryland
Location: Forestheart Studio - 200 South Main Street
Name of Teacher: Mary Klotz
Phone: (301) 845-4447
Price: $30.00 per person
Info: A pleasant group activity - bring a friend and learn to make pysanky. Bring apron. 2-3 hours. Please confirm by telephone prior to your visit. Call for more information on classes and presentations for groups.


  City: Boston, Massachusetts
Name of Teacher: Sonia Kowal
Phone: 508-596-6281
Email: soniakowal@hotmail.com
Info: Please call or email for more information about classes, personal tuition or demonstrations.

City: Northampton, Massachusetts
Name of Teacher: Marion Abrams
Phone: 413-247-9807
Email: marionabrams@comcast.net
Ages taught: Children, must be accompanied by an adult, minimum age 7 years.
Price: $25.00 per person.
Info: I would be happy to be contacted by anyone who wanted to learn pysanky, if there is interest I would start a class anytime. I will teach both basic and intermediate skills for beautiful traditional Ukrainian PYSANKY made with chicken's eggs, beeswax worked over a candle and non-edible dyes. The techniques are not difficult to learn in just one three-hour class. A great family activity for adults and children seven years and older with adult supervision.

City: St. Joseph, Michigan
Location: Your church, home, or other site; or my home
Name of Teacher: Charlene Randall
Email: randallchar@hotmail.com
Class times: Year-round; 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Ages taught: 9+ (I LOVE teaching kids & teens!)
Price: Email to ask
Info: I teach groups of up to 15 at your southwest MI or northwest IN location (within a certain radius of my home). Willing to travel to some farther locations in MI, IN, and northwestern IL, especially in the Summertime. Email me for more info. I have made pysanky for 20+ years, and currently teach it at our local college. My teaching style encourages individual creativity and freedom (NOT having everyone do the exact same design, as some teachers do). I have taught people of all ages and stages. My philosophy is about having FUN with this amazing art form! I also cater to church groups, teaching the history, background and Christian symbolism of Ukrainian pysanky. I encourage multi-generational participation: Grandmas & grandkids, Moms & children, Aunties & nieces, etc. This is a wonderful way to bring families together! I prefer teaching on Saturdays, but I am sometimes available in the daytime (btwn 10am-1pm) or evenings (6-10pm) at your venue in SW MI or NW IN. Venues for this class are typically in a home or a church. Need sturdy tables & chairs, and access to electrical outlets, a sink, and a restroom. I will provide good craft lighting if the facility does not have that.


  City: Shelby, Montana
Location: Shelby, Cut Bank, and Conrad
Name of Teacher: Lisa McDonald
Phone: (406) 450-3891
Email: information@nazdorovya.com
Class times: For current class times, please check the website.
Ages taught: 12 - adult
Price: $20.00
Info: For more information or to register go to http://www.nazdorovya.com/pysanka--ukrainian-easter-eggs.html



City: Durham, New Hampshire
Name of Teacher: Ruth de Jesus
Email: aromatherapyRuth@gmail.com
Phone: (603) 866-9597
Info: I can go to your location within 2 hours to teach a class with a few friends gathered. If you want a convenient and fun gathering for your friends. please contact me for more information! I have also taught at the NH Farm Museum and local libraries. Pysanky is a fun technique to learn and can be done by all ages. Young children should have one on one parent participation.



City: Montvale, New Jersey
Name of Teacher: Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo
Phone: (201) 247-0005
Email: Pysankyshowcase@aol.com
Ages taught: all ages
Price: $25.00, including comprehensive supply kit
Info: Each spring, she teaches 3-hour workshops at local libraries. For more information, or to set up a private class, email or phone Patty. Further class times and supplies can be found from her website http://www.pysankyshowcase.com. She also sells 38 (!!) different colors of analine dyes! Email her for details!  

City: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Location: by arrangement
Name of Teacher: Melissa Lewis
Phone: (505) 501-6477
Email: mlewisfamily@mac.com
Ages taught: any
Price: negotiable
Info: I teach both using the traditional kistky, and also the simpler "drop-pull" technique. Classes can be designed for adults and/or children in either technique.



City: New York, New York
Location: 222 East 6th Street
Name of Teacher: The Ukrainian Museum
Email: edu@ukrainianmuseum.org
Ages taught: 12+
Info: Please contact The Ukrainian Museum (edu@ukrainianmuseum.org or visit their website http://www.ukrainianmuseum.org/workshop.html) for more information on available class times.

City: Pittsford, New York
Name of Teacher: Lisa Cooney
Phone: (716) 387-0396
Email: lcooney@rochester.rr.com
Ages taught: 9-99
Price: $24.00
Info: By appointment.


  City: Asheville, North Carolina
Location: Studio A, 344 Depot St., Asheville, NC or at your location
Name of Teacher: Andrea Kulish
Phone: (828) 423-6459
Email: andreakulish@gmail.com
Class Times: various
Ages taught: 6 and up
Price: $49
Info: All levels. Ages 10 and up. Please visit my site for more info: http://www.ashevillestudioa.com/workshops.

City: Asheville, North Carolina
Location: anywhere in the Asheville area
Name of Teacher: Kim Miller
Phone: (828) 242-5736
Email: ksmiller82@gmail.com
Class Times: throughout the year
Ages taught: 8 to 100
Price: $12.00
Info: Right now I am mainly teaching women's groups through local churches. I bring all the needed supplies to let you try this wonderful art. If you want to continue writing eggs then you can purchase all needed supplies through me at my cost. I do this to continue the 2000 plus year old tradition of writing eggs!


  City: Eugene, Oregon
Location: call to inquire
Name of Teacher: Jessica Stinson
Phone: (541) 968-4642
Price: Varies - suitable for children and adults of all levels
Info: I've been decorating pysanky for over 30 years. I studied Russian in high school and college, and lived in the Ukraine. I have taught classes to children and adults in groups ranging from 1-30 students at a time.


  City: Conemaugh, Pennsylvania (just outside Johnstown)
Location: 166 Third Street
Name of Teacher: Paul Yackulich, Jr. + family
Phone: (614) 241-6244
Email: eggsbypauljr@floodcity.net
Info: We carry a complete line of egg decorating supplies all year round, you can purchase them at class time as well. We travel all over, even out of state, teaching this fine art, and teach as many as 32 people in a class. We have been teaching together for over 20 years now and teach about 750 to 900 people a year. We schedule classes all year, in homes, churches, fire halls, banquet rooms, and schools (Catholic and public). Call or write for more information.

City: Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
URL: www.pysankycollectibles.com
Name of Teacher: Helen Badulak
Phone: (610) 406-9238
Email: armcdan@ptd.net
Class times: any time
Ages taught: geared toward experienced adults and children
Price: $25.00 per hour
Info: I've been teaching classes for 36 years and am the author of "Pysanky in the 21st Century," book. Call or write for class dates and times.

City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Location: Oakland
Name of Teacher: Frances Barrionuevo
Phone: (412) 681-2627
Email: crozetfrancoise@hotmail.com
Class times:
Ages taught: Children - 8 years old minimum, and only with an adult
Price: $20.00
Info: Please call or write for more information.

City: Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
Location: church halls, homes etc.
Name of Teacher: Jeanne Curtis
Phone: (814) 938-5536
Class times: Contact me by phone for dates & times
Ages taught: 3rd grade to adults
Price: donation to local food pantry
Info: Will provide everything, including eggs, to make a pysanky egg or two! Specializing in scout groups, church groups, after-school programs, etc. Am willing to travel!

City: Yardley, Pennsylvania
Location: Tyler Park Center for the Arts
Phone: (267) 918-9172
Email: workshops@tylerparkarts.org
Class times: March 15, 2018 and March 20, 2018. 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Ages taught: 12 and older
Price: $40.00
Info: Fee includes a $10 materials fee. Can register online at http://tylerparkarts.org/egg-design/


  City: Charlestown, Rhode Island
Name of Teacher: Lisa Schipritt
Phone: (401) 364-3655
Email: lschipritt@yahoo.com
Info: I teach at local libraries, scout groups, church groups and home group classes all year long. Call or write for more information.


  City: Fort Mill, South Carolina
Name of Teacher: Ann Anzini
Email: aanddnet84@gmail.com
Phone: (315) 945-1512
Class times: Monday thru Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Ages taught: 12 and up
Price: $20.00
Info: Minimum of six per class. Maximum 12. Generally classes are 4 hours, and everyone gets to make two eggs. I teach with electric kistkas and bring all supplies.

City: Houston, Texas
Name of Teacher: Ukrainian American Cultural Club of Houston
Info: Please check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UACCHouston or their website: http://www.uacch.net/ for more information on classes each year during Lent.

City: Salt Lake City, Utah
Location: greater Salt Lake Area
Name of Teacher: Ingrid K B Hersman
Phone: (801) 966-7966
Email: ihersman@yahoo.com
Class times: flexible
Ages taught: 10 - 110 :)
Price: $25.00/3-4 hrs
Info: Classes are adjusted to age and specific desired focus such as art, techniques, symbolism, history; includes viewing of a video.

City: Saratoga Springs, Utah
Location: my home
Name of Teacher: Angeline
Email: ballofcharisma@gmail.com
Class times: flexible
Ages taught: 8 and up
Price: $25
Info: Please contact Angeline for more information.  

City: Annandale, Virginia
Location: Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church
Name of Teacher: Chris Terpak-Malm
Email: CTMalm@aol.com
Class times: Fridays during Lent, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm - during Lenten dinners, also served in the church hall
Ages taught: any, children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult
Price: $2.00
Info: This is meant to be an introduction to making pysanky. It is not a formal class, but a "come as you are" workshop during our church Lenten dinners. These dinners and workshops are fundraisers for the church, and are open to everyone. Come join us for all the pirohi you can eat! :)


  City: Wheeling, West Virginia
Name of Teacher: Anna Kueberth
Cell: (410) 615-1646
Email: akueberth@comcast.net
Ages taught: 6 to adult
Price: $15.00
Info: If you are interested in forming a class for your church, youth group, Scouts, or just a bunch of friends, call me. I am willing to travel within 50 miles of Wheeling, WV. The minimum number of people needed for such a class is 6, the maximum is 14, and the cost is $15/person. All materials are provided.


  City: Racine, Wisconsin
Name of Teacher: Sister Jaye Nelson
Phone: (262) 681-3712
Email: jayebnelson@gmail.com
Info: Jaye Nelson, OSF, is a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate of Joliet, IL. She learned Ukranian egg decorating from a Ukranian member of the community. She has been practicing this art/prayer form since the 1960’s and has taught others in many locations, including Brazil. "I also give classes in homes, schools,and activity center. Please call me at 262-261-3712 or e-mail me at jayebnelson@gmail.com to make arrangements."
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